We offer a variety of full service, convenient and affordable on-campus housing for youth and adult groups, as well as continuing education conferences during the summer.

Whether you’re looking to book a corporate or educational symposium, sports camp, or other event – Residence Life’s Conference & Guest Services has lodging to meet your needs, all in a beautiful campus setting!


To be eligible to utilize on-campus housing at Texas A&M University, a camp or conference must have a sponsoring Texas A&M University department.

Contact Conference & Guest Services to learn more. 


We want to get it right.

We will provide each camp/conference with a Housing Contract that details your stay and the additional services you may require.  Contracts must be fully signed and submitted to Conference & Guest Services a minimum of 30 days prior to the first day of the camp or conference.  Failure to do so may result in cancellation of housing.

Summer 2019 Camps & Conferences Housing Options

Each year different residence halls and/or apartments are chosen for housing conference guests each summer. This is because our facility needs change based on the demand for summer school housing and planned construction/renovation projects. Take a look at the housing facilities available for Summer 2019. Note: Specific facilities are subject to change.

Residence Halls – North Area

Residence Halls – South Area

Summer 2019 Camps & Conferences Housing Rates

No Linen
Weekly Linen
Double RateSingle RateDouble RateSingle Rate
Hullabaloo Hall$35$50$40$55
Appelt Hall
Eppright Hall
Wells Hall
Moses Hall
Corps Dorms 1-5, 7
Aston Hall
Dunn Hall
Hart Hall
Walton Hall
Internship Housing *
Aggie Hostel

- Walton Hall

All rates are Pending Approval and are subject to change.

  No LinenWeekly Linen
Double RateSingle RateDouble RateSingle Rate
Gardens Apartments2 bed / 1 bath$65N/A$75N/A
White Creek Apartments2 bed / 1 bathN/A$65N/A$75
4 bed / 2 bathN/A$75N/A$85
4 bed / 4 bathN/A$80N/A$90

* Conference & Guest Services will make assignments based on the size of the reservation submitted by the sponsor

All rates are Pending Approval and are subject to change.

Reservation Request

Residence Life is ready and willing to serve you and your continuing education conference. Please submit a Continuing Education Conference Request Form and a representative will be in touch within two business days.

Before you begin, you will need:

  • TAMU Sponsoring Department and Contact
  • Conference On-Site Contact
  • TAMU Billing Account Number
  • Estimated numbers of guests/room
  • Approximate Check In/Out Dates

Additional Information

Welcome to Aggieland! We know you have many options for housing while you are here for your conference and we are very glad you have chosen to stay in on-campus housing!

Although your conference is just a few days, we want your stay with us to be enjoyable and safe. For that reason we have created a flyer full of important information that could be useful to your during your stay with us. Whether it’s phone numbers, rules, or safety guidelines you have questions about, we’ve got you covered! | Download the Guest Health, Safety, & Security flyer.

Bed Linens/Towels

Bed linen and towels can be requested for an addition fee. Cost varies depending on the services being requested by the sponsoring department. Bed linen will only be changed once a week, but towels may be exchanged daily, twice weekly, or once a week. Guests will be provided with a linen packet upon arrival which contains bed sheets, a pillow and pillow case, a blanket, a bath towel, a hand towel, a wash cloth, and a bar of soap. If linen service is not requested, free laundry facilities are available to guests in or near all of our facilities.

Billing Account Numbers

Sponsoring departments for each camp/conference must provide us with a 13-digit AR or IDT account number. Refer to the Texas A&M University’s Standard Administrative Procedure 24.01.06.M0.01: Camps and Program for Minors: Section 4: Payments for a detailed outline of the payment process.

Campus Programs for Minors

Campus Program for Minors (CPMs) are University-sponsored events and activities which typically include all of the following elements:

  • The participant group is made up of individuals under the age of 18 and are not current Texas A&M students,
  • The University is assuming care, custody, and/or control of the participants, and
  • The program is participatory in nature (i.e. small groups, projects, hands-on activities, games, educational activities, etc.)

The requirements for hosting campus programs for minors stem from a shared commitment to provide a safe environment and meaningful experience for participants that not only meet the minimum legal requirements but also reflect the University’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. The Texas A&M University Rule for Campus Programs for Minors (24.01.06.M1) outlines the requirements for compliance.

For more information, visit Campus Programs for Minors at You can also reach out to University Youth Programs at or 979.862.3295.


If housing is cancelled less than thirty (30) day prior to the starting date, the sponsoring organization will be charged 50% of the rate for one night’s lodging for the total number of beds reserved.

Late Fees & Penalty Fees

We strongly recommend establishing a deadline date for your guests to register for your conference, as well as a late registration fee. We recommend that your registration deadlines end two (2) weeks prior to when your conference or camp begins.

We will be sending you a room assignment roster two (2) weeks prior to your conference, and will require that you send the completed roster back to us five (5) working days before your conference begins. Penalty Fees have been set up by us for late additions or deletions to the roster.

Late Room Additions

If, within seventy-two (72) hours of the conference start date, the sponsor requests five (5) or more additional rooms, the conference or camp will be billed an additional surcharge of $35.00 for each additional room. This cost is to cover additional work by staff for extra time and labor that is involved.

Reduction of Guest Numbers

If the number of guests reduces by more than 50% fourteen (14) days or less prior to the start of the event, the sponsoring organization will be charged 50% of the rate of one night’s lodging for the total number of beds reduced from the room block that is being held.


We require conferences/camps of 200 or more to hire security to monitor guests and residence halls. Contact the University Police Department.

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