Residence Life is focused on open, transparent and proactive information-sharing related to our procedures and practices.

We have a range of departmental procedures that guide how we work. Review our housing processes, how-to’s, and practices below. If you have questions, we invite you to contact us.

Policies and How-To Instructions

Annual Housing Orientation

All on-campus residents must complete a mandatory online Annual Housing Orientation prior to moving into your residence hall or Corps of Cadets hall or prior to scheduling your apartment check-in appointment. Login to myHousing Portal to schedule your Annual Housing Orientation.

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Applying for Housing & Applications

Applying for housing at Texas A&M University is done online by logging into myHousing Portal, using your NetID and password. Don’t have a NetID and password? Visit the Howdy Portal and select Activate Your Account. The Housing Application usually opens in mid-September.

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Cancelling Your Housing Contract

You may cancel your housing reservation or assignment by logging into myHousing Portal using your NetID and password.

Cancelling Before Check In
Once logged in go back into your housing application.  Click on the Application Check Point page and on the drop down menu select cancel housing.  A new page will appeal and you will answer the question and click on the button below.

Cancelling After Check In
Once logged in click on the Legacy Portal link in the middle of the page.  Sign in again and click on Contract Cancellation Request After Check-In.  Complete the form to cancel your housing.  Keep in mind you have 48 hours to move out after submitting the cancellation.

Please look at Cancellation Fees to see any Housing Cancellation charges that may apply.

Before canceling, you may be interested to read about a Survey that found on-campus students had better social and learning outcomes.

Cancellation Fees

The Housing Contract is binding for the entire Academic Year (Fall and Spring Semesters) or any remaining portion thereof if the Contract is signed after the start of classes of the Fall semester. For University Apartments students who extend their contract to 12 months, the contract is binding for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. If a student terminates this Contract for the Fall or Spring semester (Summer if a 12-month contract), the student will be responsible for Cancellation Fees, determined by the date of cancellation.

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Contract Renewal

On-Campus Housing Contracts are renewed during the Spring semester through an online process called Contract Renewal. During this process current residents can renew their contract or request to move to one of our other on-campus properties for next year. Returning students who request to stay on campus for the next academic year will be guaranteed a space on campus. Students who miss Contract Renewal may not be offered the same guarantee to stay on campus for next year.

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Early Move-In

Early Move-In is defined as when a student would like to move in to on-campus housing earlier than the official opening/move-in date outlined in their lease agreement/contract. Approval must be obtained prior to move-in and there may be a fee assessed for each day they are living on campus before the official opening/move-in date.

All on-campus residents must complete a mandatory online Annual Housing Orientation prior to moving into their residence hall or Corps of Cadets hall or prior to scheduling their apartment check-in appointment. Refer to Annual Housing Orientation for more detailed information.

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Hall or Apartment Changes / Room Swaps

On-campus housing residents who want to request a hall/apartment change or swap rooms may request this on the 1st day of Fall or Spring classes by contacting the appropriate office.

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Late Stay

Late stay is defined as when a resident would like to checkout/move out of on-campus housing later than the posted checkout/move-out date. Residents in residence halls and White Creek Apartments will be allowed to stay until the closing dates and times shown in the Events Calendar. No exceptions will be made.

Residents in Corps Housing and the Gardens Apartments must submit a request to the appropriate office and the residents will be notified shortly afterward of acceptance or denial.

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Lock Outs

If the occasion arises where a resident is locked out of their room or apartment, they should contact the appropriate staff.

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Pets and Service / Assistance Animals

The only animals allowed in residence halls or apartments are fish living in an aquarium (20 gallon maximum), service animals (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act), assistance animals (as defined by the Fair Housing Act), and the official university mascot.

Assistance animals (as defined by the Fair Housing Act) are only allowed in a student’s room or apartment after a request has been submitted and permission has been granted by the Department of Residence Life. Requests for assistance animals must be approved in writing before the student brings the animal into the hall or apartment. Requests for assistance animals should be directed to the Housing Assignments Office.

Priority Housing for Freshmen

Texas A&M University implemented freshman priority assignments in all residence halls and at White Creek Apartments beginning Fall 2015.

Students must be officially admitted to Texas A&M before they are eligible to apply for on-campus housing and every effort will be made to accommodate as many freshmen as possible. Housing assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis—established by the housing priority date, which is defined as the date the housing application, including fee, is received in the Housing Assignments Office. Preferred housing will be given to freshmen who apply for housing after being admitted to Texas A&M, if space is available. Apply as soon as possible because space is limited.

Roommate Selection & Search

Students must have completed an application for on campus housing and be in a residence hall or apartment to be eligible for the roommate finding service. To begin, reopen your housing application at

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Select Your Room

Room Selection is a period of time where a particular group of students are able to select a room during a timeslot through the myHousing Portal for a room in which they are eligible, based on classification, gender, living learning program, etc. During the period of room selection, roommate pairs can also be established. For the best chance to get the building and room type that you and your paired roommate(s) would like, the individual with the earliest Room Selection timeslot in your roommate group should select a room/suite/apartment for your group.

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Special Requests & Accommodations

We offer services to work to accommodate our on-campus Aggies. A resident may make a housing accommodations request by contacting Disability Resources.

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Summer Housing

During the summer, Texas A&M University offers safe, convenient, and affordable housing in Aggieland for students. Our residence halls and apartments are located in some of the most convenient locations on campus with easy access to programs and services Texas A&M University has to offer over the summer.

In order to live on campus, you must be enrolled at Texas A&M University – College Station.

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Policy for Emergency Closures