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The Administrative Office has staff located in the various locations around campus but are predominantly located in the Residence Life Building at Student Services at White Creek. These staff provide leadership and direction for all aspects of the Department of Residence Life and serve as central contacts for on-campus housing.

The Department of Residence Life is responsible for managing and operating on-campus housing for undergraduate students, graduate students, and conference guests. The on campus community portfolio includes 25 non-cadet residence halls with accommodations for approximately 7,200 students, 12 Corps of Cadets residence halls with accommodations for approximately 2,500 cadets, and 13 apartment buildings which house approximately 2,100 students and families.

Academic Support Initiatives (ASI), located in Suites 122-132 of the White Creek Community Center on West Campus, are programs, professional staff, facilities, and learning environments that contribute to student learning and success on-campus.

Our mission is to provide a wide array of programs and services to enhance the academic experience and pursuits of on-campus Aggies.

The initiatives include study spaces, faculty engagement and involvement, academic achievement events, and interventions that support residents. We strive to provide resources and a focus on academics that you will not find off-campus.

The Business Office, located in the Gardens Apartments Community Center, is responsible for all human resources, budgeting, and accounting functions for the Department of Residence Life.

Conference & Guest Services, located in Hullabaloo Hall, helps provide on-campus guest housing to University departments and student organizations for summer conferences and seminars, new student orientation visits, or educational visits to campus. Our office works with sponsors to provide guests with affordable housing that will make your stay on campus pleasant and comfortable, and as close to your meeting facilities as possible.

Guest housing is provided in the Department of Residence Life residence halls. Our office will work with you to determine the best housing location, in accordance to your conference needs, and will assign well-experienced residence hall staff to work directly with you before, during, and after your event, providing you with personal in-hall assistance.

We provide guest housing in three areas. These are New Student Conference Overnight AccommodationsAdult & Youth Conferences & Camps, Aggie Hostel, and Guest Apartments.

Conference & Guest Services’ student tour guides provide walking tours of our residence hall facilities to potential Aggies, their families, and visitors.

Facilities & Operations (F&O), located in Suite 106 in Hullabaloo Hall, is responsible for the oversight of all on-campus housing facilities which includes all Residence Halls, Corps Halls, White Creek Apartments, White Creek Activity Center, Gardens Apartments, Gardens Community Center, Commons and all other Residence Life Buildings. F&O prepares and tracks the five year maintenance and renovation plans for the buildings, including addressing deferred maintenance, as well as overseeing construction and renovation projects. F&O is the liaison with SSC Service Solutions & Chartwells (a private outsourced company hired by the University to provide maintenance, custodial, pest control, landscaping, and dining services) to ensure quality and timely responses to work requests for all Residence Life facilities.

Meeting facilities are available for reservation by Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students in various Residence Life facilities around campus through Facility Reservations and Event Coordination.

Facilities & Operations coordinates landline telephone rentals, the fire alarm/detection systems and furniture purchases for all on-campus housing facilities.

The Housing Assignments Office, located in A-3 Lounge, is responsible for applications, contracts, assignments, and billing for all on-campus residents.

The Housing Assignments Office handles much of the business related to students living in pay-by-the-semester on campus housing. These facilities include the residence halls, Corps of Cadets halls, some of The Gardens Apartments Buildings, and White Creek Apartments.

Specifically, the Housing Assignments Office can assist you with:

  • Applications
  • Assignments
  • Hall Changes
  • Space Offers
  • Cost of Housing/Billing
  • Housing/Contract Appeals
  • Contract Renewal
  • Summer School Housing
  • Interim Housing
  • Card Access

Residence Education main office, located in the Residence Life Building at Student Services @ White Creek, and staff are committed to building inclusive communities that focus on learning, leadership, and meaningful relationships through the development of our students and staff. The office of Residence Education is responsible for staff selection and training of Community Directors, Graduate Hall Directors, and Resident Advisors.

There are different operations that this office preforms. All are vital functions to best serve current on-campus residents. Please review each outlined below.

Hall Offices

Hall Offices are located on the first floor of each of our residence hall communities. Hall Offices are where Community Directors (CDs) and Graduate Hall Directors (GHDs) work who are your primary contact concerning residence hall matters, including: roommate conflicts, lost keys, access cards, hall programs/events, and discipline appeals. Search your hall name in the staff directory to learn who your hall contact is.

Area Offices & 24-Hour Desks

Our on campus community is large, so we are split into two distinct residential communities/zones: North Area and South Area residence halls. As you might have guessed, this is based on the geographic locations of the residence halls on main campus.

For each area there is an Area Office, which is open during normal business office hours, and serves as a resident’s primary contact concerning residence hall matters should hall staff not be available. Visit the residential areas below for contact information.

There is also a 24-hour desk in each residential area to support the needs of residents and help them get in contact with hall staff, especially outside of normal business hours. You can also find the contact information for each area’s 24 hour desk below.

The office of Risk Management, located in the Residence Life Bldg at Student Services @ White Creek, coordinates risk management initiatives and education for department staff, Residence Halls and University Apartments residents, and department sponsored student organizations. Specifically, the Office of Risk Management has three major oversight areas:

  • Sets the direction, goals, agendas, and implementation strategies for departmental risk management efforts.
  • Coordinates the establishment and implementation of a proactive risk management plan for department sponsored or recognized student organizations and their sponsored events and programs.
  • Develops procedures related to risk management efforts, coordinates department wide emergency responses, and maintains, updates and disseminates the departmental Risk Management Guide.

University Apartments encompasses the management and operations related to two on-campus apartment communities.

The Gardens Apartments Office, located in the Gardens Apartments Community Center, manages the Gardens Apartments. Residents must be graduate students, undergraduate students (at least 30 credit hours), married students, students with dependent children, international students, or students who are U.S. Military veterans. Students’ concerns are represented by the Gardens Community Council.

The White Creek Apartments Office, located in the White Creek Apartments Activity Center, manages the White Creek Apartments. Residents must be single Texas A&M students who are freshmen and above. Students’ concerns are represented by the White Creek Community Council.

The Corps Area Housing Office, located in Room 106 of Plank Leadership Learning Center, oversees the residence halls for the Corps of Cadets.

We house approximately 2,500 cadets each year and actively support the Cadets by providing well maintained, safe and academically supportive living areas, and through customer service focused delivery of housing assignment, billing and check-in and out processes.

Departmental Offices

Housing Assignments Office

Location: A-3 Lounge
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.845.4744
Toll-Free: 888.451.3896

Academic Support Initiatives

Location: White Creek Community Center, Suites 122-132
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.458.0343

Conferences & Guest Services

Location: Hullabaloo Hall, Suite 110
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.845.1279

Facilities & Operations

Location: Hullabaloo Hall, Suite 106
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.862.3150

Facility Reservations & Event Coordination

Location: Hullabaloo Hall, Suite 134
Phone: 979.458.9728

Human Resources & Financial Services Office

Location: The Gardens Apartments Community Center
Phone: 979.845.8823

Residence Hall Tours

Location: Hullabaloo Hall, Suite 104
Phone: 979.845.0557

Residence Education

Location: Residence Life Bldg at Student Services @ White Creek
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.862.3158

Risk Management

Location: Residence Life Bldg at Student Services @ White Creek
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.862.3158

Residential Area Offices

Corps Area Housing Office

Location: Plank Leadership Learning Center, Room 106
Hours of Operation: 7:30am – 4:30pm, M – F
Phone: 979.845.3443

Gardens Apartments Office

Location: Gardens Apartments Community Center
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.845.2261

North Area Office

Location: Hullabaloo Hall, Suite 101
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.845.4768
24 Hour Help Desk: 979.845.2821

South Area Office

Location: Southside Commons, Suite 127
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.845.2235
24 Hour Help Desk: 979.845.2821

White Creek Apartments Office

Location: White Creek Apartments Activity Center, Suite 101
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.458.8500