Open and Closing for Spring 2022

Spring 2022


  • White Creek Apartments (new to housing students) opens on Tuesday, Jan 11 at 8am.
  • Residence Halls and Corps of Cadets reopens on Thursday, Jan 13 at 8 am.
  • Early move-in is available starting Tuesday, Jan 11 at a cost of $50/night.


  • Residence Halls and Corps of Cadets need to checkout by Saturday, May
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COVID-19 Information for On-Campus Residents

COVID-19 Information for On-Campus Residents


On-campus residents who test positive for COVID-19, or are exposed to someone who tested positive, should submit the COVID-19 Report Form and inform their live-in residential staff. Residential staff are prepared to

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Open and Closing Schedule for Fall 2021

Open and Closing Schedule for Fall 2021

The opening and closing schedules for all “pay by semester properties” (residence halls, Corps of Cadet halls, and University Apartments – White Creek Apartments) are based upon the academic calendar proposed by the Office of the Registrar. Not all dates may be applicable for the pay-by-the month property

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News & Events from Academic Peer Mentors

Don’t Do Academics Alone – We’re Here to Help

Study Tip of the Month

Exam Preparation
Create a study schedule the week before the exam and stick to it! Plan the harder topics first and then the easier ones after. This will allow for more time to fully understand the harder topics! Do a quick review the night

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Winter Weather Related Issues

February 20, 2021 9:25 AM

Campus Water UPDATE

Normal water usage may resume. Campus water supply continues to be safe for drinking. Please continue to be on the lookout for any leaks or flooding. Notify your hall staff and contact AggieWorks at 979-845-4311.

Laundry Rooms will reopen this morning.



February 19, 2021 2:30 PM

Water on campus

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Summer 2021 Registration Open for Camps and Conferences

Planning a camp or conference for summer 2021? Have interns/researchers assisting your college or department this summer? Stay on campus with Residence Life!

Residence Life has on-campus housing all over campus including our newest facility, White Creek Apartments near West Campus, our state-of-the-art residence hall, Hullabaloo Hall near the Northgate District and the newly-renovated

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NEW Cable TV Channel Lineup

Due to a recent campus-wide change in cable TV service providers, you will need to re-scan your television to get the new channel line-up. If you are using Philo IPTV to watch TV on a Roku, laptop, phone, tablet, etc., there’s no need to do anything different – you will just notice the new channel

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Student Employee Appreciation

Student Employee Appreciation

Chareny Rydl, Executive Director of Residence Life, the Department of Residence Life, and the Administrative Professional Support Staff Committee, have decided to acknowledge all of the efforts put in from every single Student Employee during this trying time. 

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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service from Tide Cleaners


App-based laundry service gives students back 2 ½ hours every week

Students at Texas A&M will now have the ability to spend more time studying and less time doing laundry with the launch of Tide Cleaners this fall.

The average college student spends 2 ½ hours every week doing laundry during the academic year. While sorting, washing and

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Summer Camps & Conferences | NSC Housing UPDATE

April 10, 2020

Summer Camps & Conferences Update

  • All youth camps and conference housing reservations before June 30, 2020 have been canceled. An institutional level decision regarding the remainder of the summer camps and conferences for minors (July 1 – August 3rd) will be made May 1st
  • Residence Life has also decided to follow TAMU guidance
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