Green Dorm Certification

Howdy and Welcome to the Department of Residence Life’s Green Dorm Certification!

Help us make sustainability an Aggie tradition by getting your room Green Dorm Certified. The certification process is simple. The survey below will cover demographic questions, items you have in your room, and behaviors you engage in while living on-campus that are sustainable in some way. The Graduate Assistant Sustainability Coordinator will reach out to you later to give you your badge to put on your door. If you would like to review the survey items prior to submitting your certification request you may view them here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email

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Overview of Certification Items
General Items/Products
18 points
Energy Behaviors
10 points
Water Behaviors
5 points
Waste Behaviors
8 points
Transportation Behaviors
4 points
Purchasing Behaviors
7 points
Academic/Tech Behaviors
5 points
Involvement Behaviors
15 points
Total Points Available
72 points
Certification Levels
Level NumberSymbolPoint Range
3Post Oak52-72
Copies of certification badges are shown below.
Green Dorm Room Certified - Level 1 Acorn
Level 1 Acorn
Green Dorm Room Certified
Green Dorm Room Certified - Level 2 Sapling
Level 2 Sapling
Green Dorm Room Certified
Green Dorm Room Certified - Level 3 Sapling
Level 3 Post Oak
Green Dorm Room Certified