Students on-campus continually impress staff in Residence Life, along with faculty and administrators at Texas A&M University, due to their academic achievements. We wanted a unique way to celebrate students’ hard work and accomplishments, as well as the faculty and staff who support them.

Honoring Excellence is a formal ceremony in which Texas A&M University students are given the opportunity to nominate faculty and staff members for awards and recognizes on-campus students who have demonstrated academic and leadership excellence, including those who achieve Distinguished Student status (Student Rule 11).

The Honoring Excellence awards are given to up to eight outstanding faculty and staff members each year who go above and beyond, both inside and outside the their classroom/positions, to impact student learning and academic success.

Faculty & Staff Nomination Criteria

Recipients are recognized for their strong interest in overall student development and academic success. The selection committee considers, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Contributions beyond occupational requirements through guidance, leadership and personal interest to enhance students’ academic experiences at Texas A&M University.
  • Maintains direct student contact and is a role model.
  • Serves as an advocate for students and student issues.
  • Recognizes the uniqueness of every student.
  • Shows a commitment to students’ wellbeing especially related to academics.
  • Faculty and staff members must be currently employed at Texas A&M University or an affiliated-agency.
  • Self-nominations are ineligible.

Faculty & Staff Honorees

Dr. Adrienne Brundage, Assistant Professor of Entomology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dr. Daniel Collins, Lecturer of Chemistry, College of Science

Dr. Pamela Edens, Lecture of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Joanna Goodey Pellois, Instructional Assistant Professor of Chemistry, College of Science

Mrs. Judy Nunez, Director of College Recruitment, College of Geosciences

Dr. Rumya Putcha, Assistant Professor of Performance Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Amy Rector-Aranda, Visiting Assistant Professor of Teaching, Learning, and Culture, College of Education and Human Development

Dr. Kelvin Xie, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering

Honorable Mention: Ms. Sarah Hart, Resident Advisor of Haas Hall, Department of Residence Life

Honoring Excellence 2018 Faculty & Staff Honorees

Mrs. Angela Allen, Instructional Assistant Professor of Mathematics, College of Science

Dr. William Collopy, Lecturer of History, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Don Curtis, Assistant Dean, Department of Public Health Studies, School of Public Health

Mr. Michael Douglas, Facilities Coordinator of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. JoungDong Kim, Instructional Assistant Professor of Mathematics, College of Science

Dr. Duncan MacKenzie, Associate Professor of Biology, College of Science

Dr. Tony McDonald, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering

Dr. Dwight Roblyer, Lecturer of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts

Nomination & Review Process

Nominations should be submitted through the electronic application link sent to on-campus resident TAMU email addresses or via the form below. Only electronic nominations via this form will be accepted.

Nominations are due January 2nd, 2019 at 11:59p.m.

The selection committee is comprised of students, faculty, and staff members who review nominations.

Contact Us

For questions about the faculty and staff awards nomination process, student recognition status, or the program, please contact Residence Life’s Academic Support Initiatives.

Academic Support Initiatives
Location: White Creek Community Center, Offices 122 – 132
Hours of Operation: 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., M – F
Phone: 979.458.0343
Email: academics@housing.tamu.edu