For the Department of Residence Life, academics are a priority, and it is important to us that we provide you with the tools for success.

You’ll find a variety of academic initiatives in your on-campus residence, which may include classes right where you live, tutoring, technology, study rooms, resource libraries, and workshops.

Living on campus gives students an academic edge.  According to the American Council on Education, studies show students who reside on campus:

  • achieve higher grade point averages than their off-campus peers
  • report a higher degree of satisfaction with the college experience
  • have higher retention and graduation rates
  • are more likely to succeed in college and complete a bachelor’s degree in 4 years
  • have more positive self-images, as well as enhanced self-confidence, public-speaking ability, and self-reliance
  • participate in more extracurricular activities (a fact especially important to business recruiters and particularly true for Texas A&M)

In addition, students who live on campus have built-in resources and opportunities, such as student leadership and sustainability. Explore these and more on the menu to the right or take a closer look at the data on Texas A&M University on-campus students as they relate to these and other areas.