Student Organization Hosting Process

Want to utilize on-campus housing to host guests through your student organization?

1. Contact the Office of University Youth Programs to verify that student organization meeting all program requirements.

  1. Complete Background Check
  2. Go through Child Protection Training
  3. Complete Official Program Application

Contact Office of University Programs at 979.862.3245 or or visit them online at

2. Reach out to Conference & Guest Services to complete Residential Requirements of Hosting process

  1. Sign and Return Housing Agreement
  2. Agree to On-Campus Rules and Regulations
  3. Provide a detailed roster of all minors being hosted (must be done 2 weeks before event starts)

Contact Conference & Guest Service at 979.845.1279 or or visit them online.

3. Begin developing marketing tools to spread the word about your event

  1. Create Pushes
  2. Design Flyers
  3. Draft Campus-wide Emails