April / May Newsletter

April / May 2021
Volume 4, Issue 8/9

Sustainable Move-Out

Howdy Ags! We know that all of you are working hard to finish assignments and study for finals. Many of you are likely already beginning to pack up your rooms in preparation for move-out. Have you started going through your room

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Sustainability Newsletter – February 2021

February 2021
Volume 4, Issue 5

Sustainable Transportation

Transportation Statistics 

Getting to work, school, and to the grocery store are integral parts of our daily lives. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation accounts for 28% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States.[1] GHGs, such

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Sustainability Newsletter – December 2020

December 2020
Volume 4, Issue 3

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture lies deep in the roots of our country and university’s history. While it has evolved over time, it continues to change. Today, agriculture has begun to take a more sustainable form to not only increase efficiency, but also better manage our natural resources.

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Sustainability Newsletter – November 2020

November 2020
Volume 4, Issue 2

Carbon Footprints

As humans every single action we perform comes with a cost. The cost is not in the form of money, however it does come in the form of gases that are harmful to the environment.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the

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Sustainability Newsletter – September 2020

September 2020
Volume 3, Issue 12

Sustainable Initiatives in Residence Life

The Department of Residence Life is dedicated to promoting sustainability in the heart of Aggieland. This month, we highlight just a few of our initiatives to educate and engage students, faculty, and staff. A full list of our programs, resources,

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Sustainability Newsletter – August 2020

August 2020
Volume 3, Issue 11


To keep up with current sustainability trends and appeal to consumers, corporations want to be seen as green. In order to do so, some corporations will greenwash their products in order to appeal to the public eye and boost their reputation. Because of greenwashing,

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Sustainability Newsletter – July 2020

July 2020
Volume 3, Issue 10

Plastic Free July

Plastic pollution is a global issue that has caught the eyes of many. People from around the world have recognized this problem and have created movements in an attempt to raise awareness to ultimately end plastic pollution. Read on in this month’s

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