• Exterior of Hullabaloo Hall

Post-Occupancy Evaluation Study of A New Residence Hall

A research study which is a post-occupancy evaluation of a newly design residential hall for college/university students. Primary objectives of this ongoing study are to: (1) to identify the usage rate of the functional areas and the users' satisfaction about the building design, (2) to identify the good design features of the housing facilities and to identify the areas for improvement. This study is a partnership between Residence Life and Treanor Architects.

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  • Hullabaloo student studying outside

Academics and Student Success in Residential Life

A study, supported by the Division of Student Affairs College Completion Grant, is being conducted in two phases to better understand the impact residential life has on student success and academics. The population frame is undergraduate and graduate students who live on the Texas A&M University campus in either a residence hall or apartment complex maintained and operated by University officials.

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  • Students using the fine arts room in Hullabaloo Hall

Long-term Effects of Participation in High Impact Practices

This study is investigating alumni of high impact programs at Texas A&M University. This study includes a Living Learning Program, internship program, undergraduate research, and study abroad programs at Texas A&M University. More specifically, the researchers are after, what are the long term benefits of participation in high impact practices? Could benefits vary based on the type of high impact practice?

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