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Ever wonder how 10,000 – 12,000 students manage to leave, return, and move-out of on-campus housing? Well, to be honest, it’s not easy!

The purpose of this page is to give you — whether a student, parent, or administrator — a better understanding of the annual transition periods and their processes. For a calendar of move-out and closing dates, refer to our important dates event calendar for your particular residential community (i.e. apartments, residence halls, or Corps).

Move-Out and Closing

If you will not be returning to Residence Life, we wish you well. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us and that you will take many wonderful memories with you as you depart.

Please use the following guidelines as you prepare to move-out. Additional information about move-out and proper cleaning procedures can be found in the resident handbook.

Need to stay later or after closing?

Learn about Extended Stay by going to How-To’s & Procedures and choosing the Extended Stay toggle. Extended stays are not guaranteed and may require a fee.

General Information 

The University Apartments do not close and are open to students year-round. Move-out is based on the term and length of your contract.

Proper Check-Out Process

Residents must schedule a check-out appointment at least 72 hours prior to the end of their contract.

Please sign up for a check-out time by logging in to myHousing Portal or call the office (Gardens 979.845.2261, White Creek 979.458.8500) to make a check-out appointment.  If completing an express check out, please bring your key to the office at White Creek during regular business hours.  Gardens residents may bring the key to the office or use the key drop box.  As a reminder, if you do an express check out you are unable to appeal any charges for damages or additional cleaning.

General Information

At all times during the check-out period, cadets are responsible for keeping hallways, vending machine rooms, dorm perimeters, and all grounds on the Quad free from discarded personal belongings and trash.  This responsibility includes:

  1. Placing all small room trash in hallway trash cans (and requesting additional bags if those cans are full).
  2. Taking all unwanted items including but not limited to lumber, cinderblocks, carpet, personal furniture and other large items directly to the dumpster(s) provided.
  3. Moving all personal belongings directly from the room to vehicles (i.e., boxes, personal furniture, etc., will not be stacked in the hall).

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in charges for the individual(s) or group involved.  If the individuals cannot be determined, a group billing for the unit, staff, or building will be processed.

Pre-Check-Out Process

  • Sign-up for a pre-check-out inspection time with your Corps Housing Officer
  • Carpet must be taken up and rolled; Carpet cannot be left in the room after checking out; Carpet cannot be placed in the common areas especially the hallway
  • All room furniture is accounted for or you will be assessed
  • Room is returned to the standard room configuration
  • Hallway in vicinity of room must be clear
  • Complete pre-check-out inspection with your Corps Housing Officer no later than the date instructed

Proper Check-Out Process

Your Corps Housing Officer has complete authority to conduct all aspects of check-out.  All cadets must comply with the directives of their Corps Housing Officer.

Properly checking out of your room includes:  (1) Returning your room to the standard room configuration; (2) Having your room inspected; (3) Signing your inventory card and; (4) Returning your room key.

  • Sign-up for a final check-out inspection time with your Commander/Housing Officer
  • Doors & mirrors – clean, free of decals/stickers, tape, etc.
  • Carpet – must be completely removed from room
    • Any and all carpet remaining in any room after 12:00pm on Saturday, May 10 will be discarded and the resident(s) of the room will be charged $25.00 for failure to clear as well as a $17.95 per hour labor fee (1 hour minimum)
  • Room returned to the standard room configuration within
  • Floors – clean and mopped dry
  • Windows – clean, closed, locked, all decals removed
  • Blinds – cleaned, open, blinds down
  • Chairs – placed upside down on beds
  • Walls – clean; posters, putty, tape, etc. removed; nail holes spackled and painted
  • Heater/Air Conditioner – turned on, set to low cool
  • Complete other tasks as assigned by your dorm Corps Housing Officer
  • Complete final check-out inspection with your Corps Housing Officer. Your room must be in the condition listed on the inventory card
  • Lock your room and return your room key to your Corps Housing Officer. Failure to return your key will result in a $100.00 lock-change charge. Return any other keys you have signed for.
  • Sign your inventory card. Failure to sign the inventory card will result in a $25.00 administrative charge

Residence Halls close over the winter break and at the conclusion of the spring semester. Information below is not exhaustive related to move-out information. Residents are strongly encouraged to attend closing meetings hosted by their Resident Advisors in order to avoid improper check-out and other fees.

December Closing

If you are returning in January:

  • Follow the details on the Yellow Express Check Out Guidelines given to you at your closing floor meeting. If you did not attend, you need to talk to your RA.
  • Make sure all tasks are completed and sign the form. Tape the completed form to the back of your room door.

Main things needing to be completed:

  • Room clean
  • Trash taken out
  • If you have a vacant space in your room, make sure all is clear for incoming residents
  • Unplug ALL items

If you are NOT returning in January:

  • You have 2 options: You can follow the Pink Express Check Out Guidelines or you can check out with a staff member.
  • Talk to your RA for more information and to find out what you need to do.
  • You must return your keys regardless of your check-out process.
  • Make sure you have cancelled your housing contract with the Housing Assignments Office located in the A3 Lounge.

Questions? Contact an Resident Advisor (RA) or your Community Director/Graduate Hall Director! Good luck on your finals!

May Closing & Summer Closing

Everyone has to check out in May, even if you are going to Summer School Housing.  We have moved to Express Checkout for all residence halls.

Express Checkout

  • With Express Checkout, you are taking on all responsibility for completing the items listed on the Express Checkout form and any damages or billing you might incur.
  • This method allows for more flexibility on your time, but more responsibility placed in your own hands.
  • During the closing floor meetings, you can pick up one of the Express Checkout forms from your RA.
  • You will still need to get a key envelope for your keys to make sure we have the proper information needed to process the key back into our system. You can drop off your key at any time of the day or night in the key drop-box located right outside of your hall office.

You must attend the closing floor meeting to receive all of the information you need about closing. If you are unable to attend, please contact your Resident Advisor or your Graduate Hall Director/Community Director.

Think you are ready to check out? Go over this list to be sure!

  • Doors – Cleaned, free of decals, door number intact and in good condition
  • Floors – Cleaned, mopped, and dry/vacuumed
  • Medicine Cabinet – Clean, door open
  • Windows – Window sill(s) clean, screens fastened and intact, stickers/writing removed, locked
  • Blinds – Clean, down, slats open – except ground floor, no knots in the cord
  • Beds – Reassembled, mattress flat, pulled away from the wall 6 inches
  • Desk – Clean, drawers empty and open, stickers removed
  • Dresser – Clean, drawers 1/3 open
  • Furniture* – UN-STACKED and pulled 6 inches away from wall, bunk beds assembled
  • Walls – Clean, tape/putty/double-stick pads/stickers removed, writing/drawings removed
  • Bathroom – Clean and all items removed
  • Refrigerator (MicroChill) – Defrosted, cleaned, dry, doors open and left in the room (if rented)
  • Thermostats – Set at 76 degrees and fan at low speed (if applicable)
  • Closet Doors – Cleaned, properly hung
  • *All furniture in corridor style halls should be moved away from the AC/heater unit (Davis-Gary, Moses)

Parking Procedures

Temporary one-hour loading and unloading zones will be established in close proximity to the residence halls and apartments so that students may transfer their belongings between their building and vehicle with minimal inconvenience.

For complete Move-In Parking and Transportation information, including maps, please refer to Transportation Services Move-In/Out Parking Procedures/Fall Move-In.

Closing Dates

Additional Information

Texas A&M University has three major breaks for students: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

Thanksgiving Break & Spring Break are approximately one week in duration and all housing communities remain open on campus.  We do suggest, however, if you are leaving over these breaks to:

  • Unplug appliances
  • Lock windows and doors
  • Remove trash & recycling
  • Turn off heaters and lights
  • Refer to additional break and move-out instructions provided by staff

Winter Break occurs between the Fall and Spring semester and is four to five weeks in duration.  During this time, the Residence Halls on-campus close. White Creek and the Gardens Apartments do not close to residents.

Please review the Academic Calendar for up-to-date holiday and break dates. If you are staying on campus during a break, please be mindful of any changes to University Dining operating hours during these times.

Residence Life strongly supports sustainability. So, as you are preparing to move out at the end of this semester, we are asking that you Donate… Don’t Dump!

We have partnered with Goodwill Industries and The 12th Can, a student-run food pantry,who are providing trailers, trucks, and bins in convenient on-campus drop-off locations so you can donate unwanted non-perishable food items, clothing, and other household items rather than adding them to the landfill.

More information, including on-campus drop-off locations, is available at Donate… Don’t Dump!

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