October 2019
Volume 3, Issue 1

Aggie Sustainability

Aggie Sustainability Alliance Certification Tier Levels

Image: Levels by commitments for ASA individual certification

We have talked about the Office of Sustainability in a prior Sustainability Newsletter. This month we focus on the Office’s newly relaunched Aggie Sustainability Alliance (ASA). The ASA is an alliance composed of various faculty and staff at Texas A&M who participate in fostering a culture of sustainability here in Aggieland. The ASA Certification has two levels that can be applied for: individual and office. Both certification checklists cover actions and items across a variety of sustainability domains. This includes energy, transportation, purchasing, and more.

For individual certifications, there are a minimum number of commitments that must be met at each of the three certification levels. Each of the five sections of the checklist have five commitments listed. The tier that you are placed in is linked to the number of commitments you agree to. For example, Tier 1: Supporter requires you commit to a minimum of one action in each of the five sections, Tier 2: Advocate requires two commitments per section, and so on.

A unique aspect of the office-level certification is that “office” can apply to whoever you work with on a regular basis. If you are part of a large office or department, for example Residence Life, you can list out those you work with most or those who share your workspace. In the case of Residence Life, the Central Administrative Office is working on their office certification and is encouraging their other offices like Housing Assignments and Facilities & Operations to get ASA certified.

Aggie Sustainability Alliance LogoCertification Process:

  1. Go to http://sustainability.tamu.edu/aggie-sustainability-alliance.aspx
  2. Scroll down to the certification level that you would like to do.
    1. Please note that in order to get the office certification, 35% or more of the full-time faculty/staff working in your office must be individually certified.
  3. Fill-out and submit the certification application.
  4. Once your application has been submitted…
    1. Individual certification: The ASA will send you a placard to place on your office door through Campus Mail
    2. Office certification: ASA staff will contact you to conduct an audit based on your office’s submitted checklist. If your office passes, you will receive a framed certificate.

Contact Office of Sustainability

Events in October

10/9 – 10/10 The 12th Can – Open from 10:00am to 4:30pm
10/13 Step In, Stand Up Training
10/16 AAUW Start Smart Workshop
10/18 Sustainability Award Nominations Due
10/21 Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training
10/23 – 10/24 The 12th Can – Open from 10:00am to 4:30pm
10/23 6th Annual Fall Sustainability Dinner
10/24 AAUW Work Smart Workshop

* Specifics & additional events at https://reslife.tamu.edu/living/sustainability