March 2021
Volume 4, Issue 6


Image: Donation from Uptown Cheapskate

Image: Donation from Uptown Cheapskate

March marked the start of a brand-new sustainability campaign for Residence Life. The department has started a campaign to collect gently-worn shoes for Soles4Souls. Soles4Souls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability and serving communities and individuals in need. The organization hosts multiple shoe drives with schools, individuals, and communities. Shoes are collected and mailed to a Soles4Souls collection center. Donations are then sorted and any shoes that do not meet donation criteria are sent off to have the parts responsibly recycled. Shoes that meet the criteria for donation are packaged and shipped to communities in need around the world. Soles4Souls works to disseminate shoes, and clothing, that they receive to people in need and partner with the communities that host campaigns to give shoes back to the local community. Another major avenue that Soles4Souls taps into is creating microenterprises that allow individuals to become financially stable by reselling shoes they receive some Soles4Souls in their community.

This new program directly impacts Goal 06-7 and Goal 07-4 of the Texas A&M University Sustainability Master Plan and Residence Life’s Departmental Sustainability Plan, respectively. These goals center around being able to offer residents more options to donate durable goods throughout the school year. Our campaign has already taken off with community businesses hoping on board. Uptown Cheapskate in College Station has already donated several dozen pairs of shoes to the campaign on multiple occasions.

What is Accepted and Where

Paired and single shoes are accepted at any collection bin locations. The shoes can be any sort (i.e. flip flops, heels, sneakers, etc.). Please tie the shoes together, if they have laces, or rubberband them together prior to placing in the donation bin. Donations can be dropped off at any of the Soles4Souls collection bins. Currently, 4 bins are placed throughout campus and are listed below. Bins will remain up through May 16th.

Soles4Souls bin in the White Creek Activity Center

Soles4Souls bin in the White Creek Activity Center

  • White Creek Activity Center
  • Gardens Apartments Community Center
  • Hullabaloo 24 Hr. Desk
  • Commons 24 Hr. Desk

Connect with Soles4Souls

Instagram: soles4souls

Facebook: Soles4Souls

Twitter: @Soles4Souls



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April is right around the corner which means it will soon be time for Texas A&M’s Virtual Earth Month hosted by the Office of Sustainability. Be sure to pop in and listen to the many amazing talks and don’t forget to attend to be entered into giveaways!

The Office of Sustainability is excited to host our annual, second virtual, Earth Day celebration! We have partnered with campus departments, community partners, student organizations, and campuses across Texas to bring Earth Day directly to your screens. TAMU faculty, staff, and students have created live virtual events to enhance your sustainability knowledge and this year, we’re throwing in some big-ticket giveaways.


For the full schedule of events and prize rules please visit our website!