Program Presentations

Brandon Carlson presented “Sustainability Blueprint: A Residence Life Perspective on Sustainability Education” at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) National Conference in October 2016.

Dustin Grabsch Co-Presenter (2016) Increasing Intentionality of Policy Internships: Shaping a Student’s Experience.  Program presented at the NASPA Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Conference. Indianapolis, IN.

Dustin Grabsch Co-Presenter (2016) Case Studies: Navigating Professional Boundaries and Social Identities with Students.  Program presented at the NASPA Annual Conference. Indianapolis, IN

Kelly Gilton NASPA 2016 Presentation- “Pregnant and Parenting Students: An Overlooked Population”

Dustin Grabsch Co-Presenter (2015) Strategies for engaging social identity in leadership education.  Roundtable facilitation at the Association for Leadership Educators Annual Conference. Washington, D.C.

Dustin Grabsch Co-Presenter (2015) Integrating personal and social identity development throughout leadership education.  Roundtable facilitation at the international Leadership Association Annual Conference. Barcelona, Spain.

Dustin Grabsch (2015) Strategies for advising: Engaging male students for persistence and success.  Program presented at the University Advising Symposium.  College Station, TX

Craig Rotter and Sara Harrison McCoy Co-Presenters “Revitalizing Your Student Life Facilities” Presentation at the International Academic Impressions Professional Conference, November 2015.

Sara Harrison McCoy and Amy Tedesco Presented “Mental health as a professional: ‘I’m Fine,’ and other lies we tell ourselves and others” at SWACUHO: Southwest Association of College & University Housing Officers Annual Conference, Norman, OK, 2015.

Carol Binzer Selected presenter at the ACUHO-I Facilities Conference on Sustainability in 2015

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