Outstanding Student Employee Trevor Holman - November 2019

Congratulations to Trevor Holman, our Outstanding Student Employee of the month!

Trevor Holman is a first year Academic Peer Mentor who is an essential member of the APM Team. Trevor is creative, resourceful, and genuinely cares about his mentees and fellow mentors. He was nominated by ASI for his above and beyond collaborations with RA Programming efforts and initiating APM Marketing efforts on Southside.

Previous Recipients for the Semester

Outstanding Student Employee Miles Nolan - October 2019

Congratulations to Miles Nolan, our Outstanding Student Employee of the month!

Miles Nolan has been with the Department of Residence Life, Central Administrative Office since June 1, 2017 as a Student Assistant. He is very dedicated, dependable, loyal, and punctual. Miles handles front desk operations, answering the phones, greeting guests, parents, staff or anyone who comes into the office. He always makes everyone feel welcome and special by asking how they are doing or how their day is going. He does daily mail runs and supports senior staff with varied administrative tasks. Miles goes above and beyond to help anyone in the office who needs it. Even when he is tasked with projects outside his regular duties, he does so willingly and with a smile. His positive attitude is appreciated and admired. He is a hard worker who takes pride in his work. Thank you, Miles, for all you do for the Central Administrative Office as well as the department. He will be graduating in December and will be truly missed. We wish him the best with his future endeavors.

Outstanding Student Employee Caroline Benson - September 2019

Congratulations to Caroline Benson, our Outstanding Student Employee of the month!

“Ever since Caroline started work at the Gardens she has demonstrated exceptional attitude when it comes to how the job is done. Caroline is very organized, takes the job seriously, and goes above and beyond when executing tasks. One thing you can also count her for is an attitude to be there for her teammate when needed. She is very resourceful both for staff and parents during our recent busy move-in in August. Her overall positive attitude towards the job never ceases to amaze me, seeing that this is her first year as an RA. I am very impressed by her performance. Keep up the good work, Caroline!!!”

— Submitted by Caroline’s Supervisor, Paul Obiazi, Resident Manager at the Gardens Apartments

“Caroline has a sweet disposition and attitude and is always going above and beyond her ARA job duty.  She may be off but will still help if she comes into the office and we need something.  She responds to the students questions and let’s us know if there is a problem in an apartment.  Her hard working ethic and attitude spills over to others around her.  I am so happy that she is on our team and thank her so much for all of her hard, diligent work.  Garden Apartments are a better place with here working for us. Thank you Caroline!”

— Submitted by two of Caroline’s co-workers, Joni Page-Cook and Jennifer Smith