Spring 2022


  • All students living on campus will receive an emailed Closing Notice with instructions on what to do with your room and deadlines for checking out.
  • All students in the Residence Halls, Corps of Cadets, and White Creek Apartments need to be fully checked out by Saturday, May 14 at noon (unless approved for extended stay).
    • Students living in the White Creek Apartments can request an extended stay to Saturday, May 21 at noon. In order to be approved for an extended stay, you must email gayla_reinbolt@reslife.tamu.edu (including your name and UIN) and request permission to stay past May 14th AND receive a confirmation of that approval.
  • Gardens residents (9.5 month lease) need to be fully checked out by May 31st at noon.

If you’re transitioning from your Spring assignment to an on-campus summer assignment you will receive your assignment notification via email the first week of May and that email will include instructions on how to schedule your move.