Residence Life Sustainability Awards

The goal of the TAMU sustainability awards is to reward Aggies with a sense of achievement for their efforts in facilitating sustainable education and habits in TAMU’s residence halls.

Applying for Awards:

Unless otherwise specified, potential recipients must briefly explain in writing (100-200 words) why they are a great candidate for the award for which they are applying. They may nominate themselves or someone else. Participants may apply for multiple awards but will be given only one per semester. | Submit an Award Application.

The Sustainability Award Committee will accept applications for the awards and appoint winners. The Awards Committee will stop accepting applications at 5:00pm, October 22, 2021.

Winners and finalists will be announced at the Residence Life Sustainability Dinner (to which you are invited), held in Hullabaloo Hall, room 117 on Tuesday, October 26th from 6:30 pm – 8 pm. | Register for the Sustainability Dinner.

Possible awards:

1. Green Tradition Award

This award is given to the student who exhibits the most enthusiasm for sustainability by volunteering for events, aiding with educational events for residents in the Residence Halls and have gone above and beyond to make sustainability an Aggie tradition.

2. Waste Reduction Award

Awarded to the student who has been a leader for recycling in the Residence Halls through educational outreach and encouraging their fellow students to recycle

3. Creative Innovator

This student developed creative and ground-breaking approaches to addressing sustainability issues like recycling, student engagement, and energy conservation in the residence halls.

4. Friend of Sustainability Award

Awarded to a Residence Life staff member who aids with sustainability. This individual went above and beyond to improve sustainability in the TAMU Residence Halls and who served as an example of sustainability to our residents. Staff members can apply, be nominated by students, or be nominated by the Sustainability Awards Committee.

5. Green Custodial Award

Students nominate individual custodians in their halls, or anywhere on campus, who go above and beyond for recycling. The Sustainability Awards Committee reviews the applications and makes the final decision. The individual with the most nominations is not necessarily guaranteed to win. In other words, custodians who service large halls like Hullabaloo do not have an advantage over the custodians from Appelt. Submissions will be judged by who can provide the most compelling examples of the nominee contributing to recycling. A custodian from each area will win this award.