Living in a Living Learning Program (LLP) boosts your probability for academic success
and offer the opportunity to share in an intellectual experience with your peers.

You will have increased access to faculty and academic support staff. Let’s talk a little bit more
about Living Learning Programs.

FOCUS mentor trainingWhat It’s All About

  • Blending the residential and academic experience
  • Trying new things, making new friends, and challenging yourself
  • Exploring and experiencing the Bryan/College Station area with students who share your interests
  • Getting a solid education, but also growing as a person
  • Connecting with peers, mentors and campus resources
  • Interacting with professors and university staff members
  • Opportunities for shared coursework
  • Taking trips to events on and off campus

Let’s talk Benefits

National research shows that involvement in living learning programs contributes to:

  • Development of personal relationships with other students in the classroom
  • Increased GPA
  • Greater involvement on campus and in professional organizations
  • Higher likelihood of graduating in four years
  • Eased transition from high school to college
  • Increased class attendance