About the Community

Spectrum Living Learning Community LogoStudents in the Spectrum Living Learning Community will have the opportunity to excel academically by sharing knowledge and experiences, build a social skill set, and participate in engaging activities and events all while developing connections with peers and resources across campus. Spectrum welcomes all students with a connection to the Autism community. Students participating in Spectrum may be individuals with Autism or simply have an interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The Spectrum LLC allows students to surround themselves with others who are connected to or interested in the Autism community. Students will participate in both academic and social programming and interact with staff members who can direct them to academic supports and university resources as needed.

Eligibility Requirements

To be a participant in the Spectrum LLC, students must:

  1. Be enrolled or considered as a full-time student at Texas A&M University.
  2. Have an interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders, but are not required to be on the autism spectrum to live within the community.
  3. Uphold community standards (some of which may be different from other communities).

Program Components

Departments such as Career Services, Disability Services, Academic Success Center, and other various departments will give specific opportunities for students to learn about campus resources and activities.

Students will be required to enroll in a 1 credit hour course aimed at developing a student’s personal skillsets and highlighting important campus information/resources.

Students within the community will coordinate additional social events including but not limited to bowling night, community dinners, campus traditions, intramural sports, volunteer opportunities, and more.

What is Spectrum?


Eppright Hall

*Exemptions may be requested through the Department of Disability Services or the program administrator listed below.


During a specific period of time, students selected for this program will be able to choose a roommate(s) from other students selected for the same Living Learning Program. Students may post profiles within the myHousing Portal and view responses by other students to their roommate questionnaire (i.e., sleep schedule, noise, cleanliness, etc.).  Following this specific time period, students will be assigned a room with their requested roommate within the block of rooms designated for the Living Learning Program.

Get Connected

Affiliated Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Name & Title Department Email Phone
Joe Hartsoe
Access Coordinator
Department of Disability Services joeh@disability.tamu.edu 979.845.1637