About the Community

Innovation Living Learning Community PhotoAs members of the I-School LLC, students will have a steady diet of opportunities to flex their innovation muscles outside the classroom. Students will partner with peers outside of their majors, staff, faculty, and B/CS community members. The I-School is building student-led programming and passion projects by giving students an opportunity to lead a team to solve a problem of their choice.

“Passions” in this context can mean anything from a global problem such as the clean water crisis, to a local problem such as finding better ways for students to connect with Aggie innovators.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the I-School LLC, students must:

  1. Apply for on-campus housing;
  2. Complete a School of Innovation Interest Form at;
  3. Choose “Innovation LLC” as one of your LLC preferences; and
  4. Attend Welcome and Closing Event or meet with an affiliated staff contact by phone or in person.

Program Components

Social events include kickoff and wrap-up gatherings, with many programmatic opportunities to connect in between. We want students to take the lead in designing our programming, with their efforts resulting in: shared intellectual experiences through events pitched by students; learning about people, places, and experiences outside of a student’s “current circle”; and productive collisions among faculty and peers.

At the School of Innovation, we want students to take charge of their own learning and fuel what makes them curious. By engaging in our self-guided program, we foresee students meeting the following milestones during their freshman year:

  • By the end of OCTOBER of AY2019-20, students will be able to analyze and evaluate their passions and the passions of their peers (across disciplines and majors) to pick out the ones with the most impact potential.
  • By the end of DECEMBER of AY2019-20, students will be able to create passion project proposals and assemble a student-led interdisciplinary team in order to explore the solution(s) to a problem of their choosing.
  • By the end of FEBRUARY, MARCH, AND APRIL of AY2019-20, students will be able to pitch their project to the I-School where resources will be matched with need as facilitated by the School of Innovation.

Community Themes

I-School tenets of student-led:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship



During a specific period of time, students selected for this program will be able to choose a roommate(s) from other students selected for the same Living Learning Program. Students may post profiles within the myHousing Portal and view responses by other students to their roommate questionnaire (i.e., sleep schedule, noise, cleanliness, etc.).  Following this specific time period, students will be assigned a room with their requested roommate within the block of rooms designated for the Living Learning Program.

Student Stories

“I think [the I-School] is designed for connectivity across majors and grade levels; and so, I’m communicating with people who are older than me and also from different colleges. And so, it’s interesting to see how I have similarities with some people in Liberal Arts or differences with people in public health or other majors, and it’s interesting to see that all mind-sets can both collaborate and expand each other’s views.”

“. . . For anyone considering joining the I-School, I would tell them that do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone . . . the School of Innovation is heading the right way and its definitely shaping leaders and allowing us to just explore our opportunities…expand our horizons and do something we think we aren’t capable of…”

“It’s a great place to go if you have ideas but don’t know where to start. The hardest part is just getting started.”

Affiliated Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Name & Title Email Phone
Sonia M Jimenez (Primary Contact)
Program Manager of Student Engagement 979.862.6071
Emily Finbow (Secondary Contact)
Asst. Director of Effectiveness and Evaluation 979.458.9288