About the Community

IDEAS LLC welcomes students who seek to use their time at Texas A&M University to accelerate investigative skills, ignite digital literacy and navigate academic tools that will open doors to the scholarly community and beyond. Wherever you are on that journey, join a community that supports and encourages innovation in learning. From deciphering different news sources to reading academic articles with ease, this LLC will help guide you through anything and everything information related, academically and socially. Students will have the opportunity to live on-campus and be able to create a smaller community within a large institution as first time college students, as well as the chance to take what they learn in their classes and from their assignments and apply them to the real world, together.

Benefits of joining IDEAS

Students who participate in IDEAS LLC will have built in assistance from a librarian to help achieve academic excellence utilizing library resources and services, as well as access to a peer mentor to assist in adjusting to college living.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the IDEAS Living Learning Community, students must:

  1. Be an incoming freshman of any major.
  2. Complete an online housing application through the Texas A&M University Residence Life myHousing Portal and request membership in the IDEAS LLC in Phase II.

Program Components

  • IDEAS LLC will focus on building community to create strong and lasting relationships in your first year of college to help create a sense of community in a large university.
  • FYEX 100, Hullabaloo U- Students will be required to enroll in a 0-credit hour course in the fall semester aimed at developing a student’s personal skill sets and highlighting important campus information/resources. Hullabaloo U is a required First Year Experience Course for all entering Freshmen.
  • Field trips to various libraries
  • Themed and hosted dinners at the beginning and end of the semester.
  • Dedicated study groups throughout the semester, including midterms and finals.
  • Students within the community will coordinate additional social events including but not limited to game night, community dinners, campus traditions, volunteer opportunities, and more.


On-Campus Housing. Members may choose to live in any on-campus residence hall or apartment.


IDEAS LLC members may roommate match with the person of their choice in Phase III of the Housing Application.

Affiliated Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Name & Title Department Email Phone
Jillian Eslami
FYE Librarian
University Libraries 979.458.6590