About the Community

The Future Educators Living Learning Community welcomes freshman students who major in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture (TLAC) or the Department of Educational Psychology.

Members of the Future Educators Living Learning Community are a part of a community of scholars who share a common career goal – teaching. These students will take courses together, participate in engaging activities and events, and develop close relationships with faculty and staff in the College of Education and Human Development.

Eligibility Requirements

To be a participant in Future Educators, participants must:

  1. Be a freshman enrolled in the College of Education and Human Development majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies in the Departments of Teaching, Learning, and Culture or Educational Psychology.

Program Components

  • Fall: TEFB 273 – Introduction to Culture, Community, Society, and Schools
  • Spring: INST 222 – Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society
Get invited to special dinners with professors, alumni and student organizations within the College of Education & Human Development.
LLC participants will be able to sign up for study groups for shared courses throughout the academic year

Throughout the academic year, participants will be provided with the opportunity to attend various social programs with the floor, LLC, and classmates. These may include: intramural sports, volunteer opportunities, Midnight Yell.

Students will also attend outings with professors that will encourage bonding and enhance group dynamics.



During a specific period of time, students selected for this program will be able to choose a roommate(s) from other students selected for the same Living Learning Community. Students may post profiles within myHousing Portal and view responses by other students to their roommate questionnaire (i.e., sleep schedule, noise, cleanliness, etc.).  Following this specific time period, students will be assigned a room with their requested roommate within the block of rooms designated for the Living Learning Community.

Affiliated Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Name & Title Department Email Phone
Kelley O’Neal
Byrne Student Success Center koneal@tamu.edu 979.862.8489