About the Community

engineering competitionEngineering Village @ The Commons is an Academic Residential Experience District for engineering students. This residential program is designed to be an extension to the classroom by offering academic, professional, and social support to engineering students who live in the community.

The Engineering Village @ The Commons provides an atmosphere that encourages engineering students to:

  • Strive for academic excellence
  • Develop a strong, cohesive support system that will serve them throughout their academic career
  • Recognize how academic and professional careers are interrelated
  • Discover what it means to be part of a community of scholars

Within the Engineering Village @ The Commons, the College of Engineering offers two living learning communities (LLCs): the General Engineering LLC and the Engineering Honors Community of Scholars (ECOS) LLC.

Benefits of Living in the Engineering Village

  • Through your participation in this community, you will meet other engineering students with interests similar to yours, allowing you to develop a strong peer network.
  • You will receive assistance to help you achieve academic excellence through programs, such as peer tutoring located right in the residence halls.
  • In addition, you will have access to upper-level engineering students living in the halls who serve as peer mentors to help you navigate the university and assist you in becoming a part of a community of scholars.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the Engineering Village @ The Commons, students must: 1) have applied for and received admission to the College of Engineering or 2) have a major within the College of Engineering.  Please note the following about our community:

  • The General Engineering LLC is restricted to engineering students. To reside within the community, you and your roommate must be enrolled in the College of Engineering.
  • The Engineering Honors Community of Scholars (ECOS) LLC is restricted to engineering honors students who complete the EH application by the March 1 priority deadline. To reside within the community, you and your roommate must be admitted to the College of Engineering’s Craig and Galen Brown Engineering Honors (EH) Program.
  • If an engineering honors student wants to room with an engineering student who is NOT in the EH Program, they have the option to “relocate” into the General Engineering LLC in April (prior to the room assignment process).

Program Components

Engineering Village peer mentors are upper-level engineering students who live in the residence hall and are available to help freshmen through their first year of college. Our peer mentors work to foster a sense of community within the residence hall by planning and encouraging participation in campus and in-hall activities.

In addition to the peer tutoring that is offered in the Zachry Engineering Education Complex, engineering students who live in the Engineering Village also have access to peer tutors who work right in the Commons.  Peer tutors are undergraduate students who are available to help freshmen with their first-year math, physics, chemistry, and engineering courses.

Engineering Village residents are invited to participate in a variety of activities, workshops, and socials designed to welcome them into the engineering community and to promote their success in the College of Engineering.

To learn more about the Engineering Village and current events, visit the College of Engineering’s website.

Please review additional eligibility requirements below, if applicable, for select Peer Networks.

Engineering Honors Community of Scholars (ECOS)

Additional Eligibility Requirements:


Mosher Hall

Aston Hall

The Engineering Village spans across two buildings in the Commons: Mosher and Aston. Currently, the Engineering Honors Community of Scholars (ECOS) LLC is located in Mosher and the General Engineering LLC is located in Mosher and Aston.


During a specific period of time, students selected for this program will be able to choose a roommate(s) from other students selected for the same Living Learning Community. Students may post profiles within myHousing Portal and view responses by other students to their roommate questionnaire (i.e., sleep schedule, noise, cleanliness, etc.).  Following this specific time period, students will be assigned a room with their requested roommate within the block of rooms designated for the Living Learning Community.

Student Stories

After finishing my first semester I remember that my peer mentor helped me tremendously by answering all my questions and being there for me when I needed her. During Howdy Week I recall that I went to her for guidance about classes and the different expectations of my professors and she stayed up with me until 2 a.m. answering my questions
Whether you are looking for a way to expand your engineering horizons academically or to experience that awesome Aggie network full of lifelong friends, the Engineering Village is definitely the way to go!
Living in the Engineering Village has been very helpful because of the peer tutoring. You don’t have to go far to get help on your work from someone who has been through the same classes
Peer mentoring has been rather beneficial to my success during my first year in engineering, both academically and socially. I have greatly respected the help that peer mentors have provided to students in the Engineering Village. They have instilled confidence into me and my responses to question in lecture.
The Engineering Village peer mentors have been an invaluable part of my college career. They were there to help when it came to course work, scheduling, information on the Aggie Traditions, and so much more.

Affiliated Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Name & Title Department Email Phone
Priyanka Ambati
(primary contact)
Graduate Assistant
Engineering Academic and Student Affairs 979-845-7200
Andrea M. Ogilvie, PhD, P.E.
Assistant Dean for Student Success
Engineering Academic and Student Affairs