Get involved in leadership opportunities in Residence LifeGETTING INVOLVED

An important part of the college experience happens outside of the classroom, and Texas A&M has no shortage of involvement opportunities, whether they be focused on service, leadership, or academics on campus.

Historically, the leadership of the residence halls has played an integral part in maintaining the positive aspects of recognized Aggie traditions while upholding the core values of Texas A&M University. These include going to Yell Practices as an entire hall community, gathering for Silver Taps and Muster, dining together on established nights, and hosting programs which encourage unity and Aggie Spirit. You are strongly encouraged to participate in the leadership opportunities within your hall as well as other areas of the Department of Residence Life.

Discover your fit within one of the on campus leadership opportunities.

Residential Housing Association (RHA) LogoFounded in the 1972-1973 school year by the Civilian Student Council, the Residential Housing Association (RHA) is one of the most inclusive student leadership organizations at Texas A&M University. All students who live on campus, outside of the Corps of Cadets and The Gardens Apartments, are automatically members of RHA. Opportunities to serve fellow students and the community, create engaging programming for residents, provide funding for hall improvements, and learn what it takes to be an inclusive leader and community member are what RHA is all about.

RHA is a state, regional, and national award-winning organization which focuses on leadership development and community development. Presented the National Commitment to Diversity Award by the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH) and winning NACURH’s national sustainability case study competition, RHA focuses on empowering students and creating positive change at Texas A&M University. RHA sends a very spirited delegation of students to the SWACURH (Southwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls) and NACURH conferences each year, where students from across the region and nation present programs that exemplify social justice, building strong community, and developing leaders. With its sister organization NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary), RHA is a very intense student leadership experience committed to enhancing the lives of our on-campus residents and the community.


Home is where the heart is and the Heart of the Aggie Experience is in our halls, complexes, and apartment communities! Our Community Councils help build camaraderie, spirit and tradition at Texas A&M by: creating educational and social events; encouraging long-standing Texas A&M traditions in their communities; offering competitive leadership positions (even for first year student); and representing students as a liaison to Residential Housing Association (RHA), the Department of Residence Life, and Texas A&M University. For more information residents should contact their Resident Advisor.

Staff Council is a representative assembly of residence hall staffs which promotes communication with professional staff, RHA, and other departmental offices, as well as provides general and financial support for residence hall staffs. Staff Council is a change-making body composed of representatives from each residence hall staff, and is a financially self-sufficient and University-recognized student organization. Staff Council proposes improvements in staff work environments and residence hall policy, utilizing a board of directors’ management style through its Executive Council.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) LogoThe National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) has local, regional and national opportunities for student leaders to serve (through SWACURH and NACURH – see RHA). Once an active NRHH member, students can serve on the regional board of directors and even seek and hold a position in the national organization. NRHH membership is selected through a nomination process each semester. One percent of the total number of students who live in our residence halls is eligible for membership within this honor society.

So, what does NRHH do?

NRHH is the primary way to recognize students and staff for outstanding service and exceptional leadership. Every month, awards are given at Texas A&M University to praise those who have made an impact (large and small) in the lives of our on-campus students and our residence hall communities. Write an “Of the Month Award” bid for someone who makes a difference. These “OTM” awards are eligible for recognition at the regional and national level once they are selected.


Founded in 2011, the Aggie Eco-Reps are an organization, sponsored by the Department of Residence Life, of resident students educating their peers about how to live more sustainable lifestyles.

Aggie Eco-Reps host outreach programs in the residence halls, participate in campus wide events such as Campus Sustainability Day, Texas Recycles and Earth Day, and promote a sustainable lifestyle by living as an example for fellow students. The Aggie Eco Reps work to encourage students to make small changes in the way they live, from turning electronics off when not in use, using a reusable water bottle, reducing food waste, taking advantage of alternative transportation, to recycling bottles and cans on campus. The Aggie Eco Rep mission is “providing on-campus students with the education and opportunity to promote and continue sustainability,” and, as a grassroots movement here at Texas A&M University, they are making progress every day.


Encouraging Respect, Acceptance & Support Through Education (ERASE) is a social justice and diversity committee comprised of undergraduate and graduate students within the Department of Residence Life. This committee is dedicated to creating a more inclusive on-campus community, grounded in respect and appreciation for all individual differences. It provides programming opportunities and resources to educate, enhance and encourage the appreciation of diversity and social justice within the residential community and general student body. Students may contact members of this committee should they have any questions regarding diversity and social justice education.
A vital component of the Department of Residence Life is our student staff. They help to develop a healthy living environment within the residence halls and apartment communities. Learn more about student employment opportunities with the department for positions such as Resident Advisor (RA), Academic Peer Mentor (APM), front desk workers, and more.