Fall Classes Will Start & End Sooner Than Previously Advertised
Texas A&M University recently announced changes to the Fall 2020 academic calendar, which includes moving the start of classes from Monday, August 24 up to Wednesday, August 19 and the end of classes from Wednesday, December 2 to Tuesday, November 24 before Thanksgiving. Currently, final exams are still scheduled for the beginning of December, with the last day for finals occurring December 9. Commencement is scheduled for December 11-12.

Move-In Appointments Scheduled Over the Course of Several Days
Historically, we opened the residence halls a week prior to the first day of class and residents were able to move in when it suited them, many showing up on the first possible day, otherwise known as Move-In Assistance Day. To allow a more phased approach to move-in, with respect to greater physical distancing in the interest of the health and safety for residents, families, and staff, move-in will be by appointment only and scheduled over the course of several days between August 8-18. There will be no fee-based “early” move-in option this fall. Detailed information about move-in appointments will be provided later.

On-Campus Housing will remain Open through Commencement
As the dates of finals and Commencement have not changed for fall, the housing contract move-out date will not change. On-campus housing will remain open with services and staff accessible through the published commencement date, as usual.

Even with the addition of days to the start of fall semester classes, there will be no change to currently published semester housing rates.

Students who choose to leave prior to Thanksgiving and not return until spring move-in will be held to the full contractual semester rate for the fall 2020 semester. While we hope that we can follow our normal winter break procedures, students may be asked to inform staff what their plans are and/or return their key for the duration of the break. This will allow us to know who is remaining on campus from a safety perspective. Students will not be refunded for checking out early for the semester.

New Policy and Procedure for Closures Due To Emergency Events
We have instituted a new Policy and Procedure for Termination or Suspension of University Housing Contracts due to Emergency Events. Although we hope that no emergency events take place in the future, we wanted to make you aware of our plans should a pandemic situation like what happened this spring or other emergency event happen again in the future. Please read the new Policy and Procedure carefully. In summary, if there is an emergency event and the University decides closure of the student housing facilities is necessary, the University may terminate or suspend the Housing Contract and the students must vacate the facility and remove their belongings, then they may request a Housing Adjustment (refund/credit). However, if there is an emergency event and the University does not close the facilities or require students to vacate, the students may still do so, but the Housing Contract will remain in full effect and the students will not be entitled to a Housing Adjustment (refund/credit) even if they voluntarily chose to vacate.

Should you Choose to Cancel Your Housing Contract
As you evaluate new information and make decisions that suit your best interest, please keep in mind that the housing contract has a progressive penalty structure for cancelling housing, yet remaining enrolled (Reference Housing Contract). So, if you have serious concerns about living on campus or if you are concerned about our new Policy and Procedure for Termination or Suspension of University Housing Contracts due to Emergency Events and need to reassess your commitment, we have extended the penalty-free cancellation deadline to 5PM CST, JUNE 8.

If you cancel your housing application for Fall 2020, it will apply to full academic year. If you want to return for Spring 2021, you will need to complete a Spring 2021 Only contract when it becomes available (in late-September). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will have the same room or roommate, but we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Students with scholarship requirements to live on campus (e.g. Regent Scholars, Terry Scholars, etc.) will need to appeal the on-campus housing requirement with the scholarship program coordinator PRIOR to cancelling the housing contract. Appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Program coordinators will be emailing an online appeal form soon.

To cancel your housing contract, log into myHousing portal with your NetID and re-open your application. New-to-housing students would select “ResHall New Application‚” and returning students would select “ResHall Returning Application.” Choose “Application Checkpoint” in the horizontal menu, scroll down the page, and you will see the cancellation option. Select “Cancel Application” and then click “Save & Continue.” If you are cancelling due to COVID-19 concerns, please list “other” as your cancellation reason. By completing these steps, the system will automatically date stamp your cancellation. If you are unable to cancel through the housing portal, then please email your name, UIN (9 digit # where 00 are the 4th and 5th digits) with a cancellation statement and reason you are cancelling to housing@tamu.edu. All cancellations must be in writing (through myHousing portal or by email).