Information for Students Who are Infected and/or Isolating


  • You will receive a welfare call, email, email survey or text periodically from a Department of Residence Life staff member inquiring how you are doing and if you need any assistance.
    • Be aware that the staff member is not a health care professional. However, the staff member can help you connect with needed resources.
    • You must respond to the periodic welfare check or UPD will be dispatched to check on you.
  • No one is allowed to move in with you to provide care (except for personal care attendants approved by Disability Resources). If you need medical care, you should move off-campus to a location where medical care can be provided.
  • Call 911 if you have a health emergency. EMS will respond.  There is a cost for these services if transported.
  • If you were initially treated by a private health provider, you can transfer care to Student Health Services (SHS). Call SHS Patient Services at 979.458.8310 to inquire about how to transfer your care.
  • SHS Telemedicine can be scheduled at 979.458.8310 (or online at the Patient Portal).
  • SHS Dial-A-Nurse can be reached at 979.458.8379.
  • SHS Pharmacy can be reached at 979.458.8292 for medications. Delivery can be arranged.  There is a cost for these services.
  • Counseling & Psychological Services can be reached at 979.845.4427. HelpLine can be reached at 979.845.2700.

Food & Dining

  • Friend (not DRL staff member) can get food or groceries at off-campus location and drop at your door.
    • Your CD, GHD or RM will work with the Area Office staff to grant your friend temporary card access.
  • Friend (not DRL staff member) can use your student ID to get “take-out” food at a TAMU Dining location.
    • Your CD, GHD or RM will work with the Area Office staff to grant your friend temporary card access.
  • TAMU Dining can deliver hot/cold meals to your door. The steps below should be followed:
    1. A Residence Life staff member will contact the Meal Plan Office to let them know you are infected and/or isolating/quarantining and may be requesting a hold/cold meal.
    2. The Meal Plan Office will send you a Quarantined Meal Order Form via email to provide information and allow you to select your meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner). Form must be submitted by 12:00PM each day in order to receive meals the following day. Order form menu items will be updated each day at 1:00PM. For Meal Plan holders, each delivery will deduct one Meal from the student’s meal plan or charge to Dining Dollars (rates below). For students without meal plans, an invoice will be sent to the student’s email address and can be paid via phone during business hours. Prices are $8.50 for breakfast, $10.00 for lunch, and $12.00 for dinner. Invoices must be paid by 4:00PM in order to receive food the next day.
    3. Meals will be delivered to the 24-Hour Service Desk, White Creek Office or Gardens Office at 8:00 – 9:00 AM for Breakfast, 11:00AM – 12:00PM for Lunch, and 5:00 – 6:00 P.M. for dinner. A Dining representative will text you that your meal is delivered. Student Workers or Resident Advisors from your facility will deliver food to your door.


  • Students in apartments have their own washer/dryer and should bring laundry supplies with them.
  • Students who are living in rooms/suites without a washer/dryer should bring at least 14 days of clothing/bedding/bath towels with them to the isolation room.
    • If a student runs out of clean clothing/bedding/bath towels they may request a Tide Cleaners laundry bag by sending a request through the periodic welfare check email survey or by sending an email to
    • If requested, a Department of Residence Life Student Worker will bring a Tide Cleaners laundry bag to your room on Monday. You must be ready to place your dirty laundry in the bag when they arrive.
    • Clean laundry will be delivered back to you on Thursday by the RA on Duty.
    • Monday is the only dirty laundry pick up day and Thursday is the only clean laundry delivery day.
    • The Department of Residence Life will pay Tide Cleaners for the laundry service.

Facility Care & Custodial Care

  • Routine work orders will not be completed until 24 hours after you are no longer infected/isolating/quarantining in your room/apartment.
  • If emergency maintenance/custodial (e.g. circuit breaker blown, lock doesn’t work, pipe break, sewer back up, no heat/air) needs to be done in your room, please contact your CD/GHD/RM (see contact information at the bottom of this document). The CD/GHD/RM will contact SSC regarding your emergency need.
    If SSC needs to enter your room to make the repair, you will need to be moved temporarily (to help prevent virus spread) while SSC is working in your room.
  • You can ask your hall/apartment staff to submit a request to have cleaning supplies dropped at your door.
  • You will be given large trash bags to collect your trash. When your trash bags are fully, you must place the sealed trash bags outside your door in the hallway by 6:30 a.m. for a 7:00 a.m. trash pick-up or by 2:00 p.m. for a 2:30 p.m. trash pick-up.  Trash will be picked up daily by custodial staff.

Please contact the live-in hall/apartment staff or area desk if you have questions or need assistance.

North/South Halls: 979.845.2821

White Creek: 979.458.8500

Gardens: 979.845.2261

To order Meal Delivery while in Quarantine, visit DINEONCAMPUS.COM/TAMU/QUARANTINED-MEALS 

After your First Day of quarantine, orders for meals must be placed by 10PM in order to receive meals the following day.
When entering quarantine on your first day, fill out the DAY 1 QUARANTINE MEALS link to have meals delivered the same day. See times below.

Monday – Friday:
Submit by 8AM for Breakfast, Lunch, and/or Dinner
Submit by 11AM for Lunch and/or Dinner
Submit by 5PM for Dinner only
Saturday – Sunday:
Submit by 11AM for Brunch and/or Dinner
Submit by 5PM for Dinner Only

Questions about Meals or Delivery?
Text: (979) 383-2622
Text us! Please include your First and Last Name, Residence Hall/Apartment Building, and Room/Apartment Number.

While you are isolating, you can opt to have your laundry done once during your stay. Your Res Life survey must be submitted before 10AM on the
Monday you want your laundry picked up.

Pick Up: Laundry will be picked up between 1:30PM – 3:30PM on Mondays.
Drop Off: Laundry will be dropped off between 5PM – 7PM on Thursdays.

You must be in isolation for pick-up on Monday, and for drop off on Thursday.

If you have any questions email us at: