Academic Peer Mentors (APMs) live in the residence halls and apartments, and help other students succeed academically. We have eighteen APMs who live around campus and have completed two weeks of training to aid residents with their academic pursuits.

Find your building’s Academic Peer Mentor by visiting, entering the Academics in Residence organization, and click on Meet the Academic Peer Mentors. Also, explore and sign-up for the myriad of programs and services they offer students by visiting their webpage.

During Howdy Week, visit them at a resource tabling event or tomorrow’s Community Learning Centers (CLC) Open House.

• CLC Open Houses – 8/22/2017 from 1 – 3p.m.
• Commons Lobby Tabling – 8/22/2017 from 9 – 7p.m.
• Commons Lobby Tabling – 8/24/2017 from 12 – 6p.m.
• Hullabaloo Hall Tabling – 8/25/2017 from 12 – 6p.m.