Exciting Opportunity in the Works

This week Residence Life started creating a challenge for next semester in partnership with the Utilities and Energy Services (UES).

But, this is a different challenge from what we’ve done before; students will have the opportunity to influence decisions at the largest university in Texas while gaining experience in research, analysis, teamwork, and delivering professional presentations.

If successful, the challenge will create teams from each of the residence halls. These teams will research the utility systems of their halls using data available from UES, speaking with staff from the halls, and many more sources of information. Students will use these sources of information, with the help of staff from UES, to identify opportunities for improvement in the halls.

Students will present their findings to a panel of judges who will evaluate each of the presentations based off the amount of research they can use effectively to support their recommendations for improvements for their hall’s efficiency.

This is a work in progress but Residence Life is excited to partner with UES on this exciting opportunity for our students. What a great way for students to increase efficiency and sustainability at TAMU in a very real and impactful way!

Stay tuned for more information.

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