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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in being a Resident Advisor. Please utilize our FAQs below to help you find out more about this great leadership opportunity.

If you have questions, please feel free to talk to your hall staff or contact the RA Recruitment and Selection team at RASelection@housing.tamu.edu.

To apply for a potential Texas A&M RA position, you must be a current Texas A&M student who plans on having a fall assignment in the residence halls or White Creek apartments. You may complete the application by clicking on the application link on this page. Please be thorough when answering application questions because your application will be scored based on the answers.

RAs will be required to have and maintain a minimum 2.25 cumulative grade point ratio and a 2.0 semester grade point ratio throughout their term of employment. To begin employment, new employees must meet the same GPR requirements and be in good standing with the university.

To get a better idea, it is recommended that the candidate talk to an RA, RM, or CD. Additionally, candidates are required to review the current Residence Hall RA Position Description and Apartments RA Position Description.

On the application, RA candidates are asked to preference which building style they would like to work in. The Recruitment/Selection team then looks at the candidate’s preference sheet along with the candidate’s RA interview, skill level, related experience, and overall fit in deciding where RAs are placed. Getting their preference is not guaranteed, however, RA’s will not be placed in a higher cost style than the one they preference.

The RA position cannot be easily translated into hours worked per day or week because of the unique nature of the work and the position being a live-on campus position. In addition to a 10 percent discount on rent, the RA will receive a monthly salary and dependent on the current rate scale of the University and the Department of Residence Life. The salary will be pro-rated from the date of start in the fall, hall closure during winter break, and last day of employment in the spring or per term, as applicable.

Those working during Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring break will receive a supplement in addition to the salary (supplement only during winter break) based on the number of days worked and daily rate as determined by the Department of Residence Life. The amount paid is estimated before taxes to be $774 for a full month of work and other months will be prorated based on total number of days worked.

Pay increases may be available based on years of service, performance evaluations, supervisory recommendations, and available funds. RAs are responsible for the payment of room rent.

RAs must be full-time students as defined by Texas A&M University.

It is recommended that new RAs not take more than 16 hours of class work. If there are extenuating circumstances, then RAs may request to take additional hours by submitting appropriate documentation and receiving approval from their supervisor.

Being on duty consists of the RA carrying a pager for the night and responding to any issues that may arise including, but not limited to, policy violations, student concerns, and/or facility & maintenance issues. The RAs also do building rounds to address any facility, safety or security issues that may not be called in by the resident. Building rounds are a crucial part of keeping the halls running smoothly because it is one of the best times for RAs to interact with residents not only on their floor, but in the whole building. How often they are on duty will depend on how many people are on the building’s staff, typically once every 4 to 8 days. When they are on duty, RAs are required to be in the building from 7:00pm until 8:00am the next morning.
Only RAs in the Modular style halls have roommates.

Modular Halls are: Appelt, Clements, Eppright, Haas, Hobby, Lechner, McFadden, Neeley, Rudder, Underwood, and Wells.

Roommates in the other halls are not permitted.

Yes, Modular Hall RAs are required to have roommates. All RA candidates and their requested roommates must complete Contract Renewal.

Resident Advisors are not allowed to have a second job their first semester of employment. After the first semester Resident Advisors who have a second job, cannot work more than 28 hours for a State of Texas employer. Since the RA job is 21 hours a week, a RA cannot work more than 7 additional hours if it is a State of Texas Employer. Resident Advisors who receive approval from their supervisor to be employed at a non-State of Texas Employer, may do so with hours being approved by their supervisor in the RA position.

If you are wishing to participate as a counselor with Fish Camp and serve as an RA in the Residence Halls you may attend sessions A, B or C.

If you are selected to be an RA in White Creek Apartments you will be unable to participate with Fish Camp sessions.

RA training will start on approximately Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in the residence halls and around August 1 for White Creek apartments. In addition, new RAs will need to move in at least one day prior to training.

During this week, RA Training will have to be the priority! If you participate in a student organization that has a conflicting event during this time, we will ask that you attend RA Training. RAs wishing to participate with FISH Camp please read the information in the toggle related to FISH Camp above.

Residence Halls
Holidays such as Thanksgiving Break and Spring Break are special duty coverage. RAs will be asked to volunteer for special duty coverage. If there are not enough volunteers, each area will have a random drawing for RA duty for those breaks.

At the end of each semester, RAs will be required to stay in their hall until the Sunday following Commencement.

White Creek Apartments
Apartment RAs (ARAs) are required to work during spring break, winter break, summer and holidays. All ARAs will not need to work all break periods.  We will first ask for volunteers.  If the staffing needs are covered by volunteers the remaining ARAs will be released from work. If there are not enough volunteers, we will draw straws to determine who will work.

RAs in the Residence Halls are expected to attend training starting on Tuesday, August 7 which means you will need to move in no later than Monday, August 6. RAs in White Creek Apartments start training around August 1 and are expected to move into their assignment no later than Tuesday, July 31.

RAs that must leave during the year due to academic commitments, such as co-op, internship, or study abroad, will be allowed the opportunity to reapply for the RA selection process on the condition that they receive a satisfactory evaluation from the previous supervisor. In addition, the RA candidate must once again complete the online application, complete a background check, and will be subject to an additional interview.


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