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Love your place…renew your space!!

If you are living on campus now, in any of our 25 Residence Halls, 3 White Creek Apartments Buildings, 10 Gardens Apartments Buildings, or 12 Corps of Cadets Halls, you will go through Contract Renewal 2018 to tell us what you want to do for on-campus housing for next year (Fall 2018 –Spring 2019).

Contract Renewal is your opportunity to renew your contract or to request to move to one of our other on-campus properties for next year. Returning students who request to stay on-campus for upcoming academic year will be guaranteed a space on-campus. Students who miss Contract Renewal may not be offered the same guarantee to stay on campus for next year.

Contract Renewal 2018

Changes for 2018-2019 (Pending Approval)

Proposed changes that could affect on-campus housing for 2018-2019 are:

Housing Contract Updated

  • New students are no longer required to pay a $300 deposit. Your previously paid deposit was refunded to you in the Fall 2017 Semester.
  • Returning students have until April 1 to cancel without penalty

Renovations/Maintenance Enhancements

  • Completion and opening of White Creek Community Center and Creek Side Market (dining operations on West Campus) – February 2018
  • Remodel of Mosher Hall 3rd and 4th floors (1st floor already completed)
  • Remodel of Krueger Hall 1st and 2nd floors (3rd floor already completed)
  • Remodel of bathrooms in Davis-Gary and Moses Halls
  • New HVAC systems in Clements and Hobby Halls
  • Community kitchen has been added to Clements Hall – Spring 2018
  • Community kitchens will be added to Krueger and Mosher Halls on 1st and 3rd floors

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Eppright Hall will be Single Gender by Room to accommodate the new Living Learning Community
  • Possible 3% – 5% rent increase. Approved rates are posted on our Rates page

Contract Renewal Updates

  • Returning students who request to renew their contract for Fall 2018 will be guaranteed a space on-campus for next year
  • Students who do not renew their housing for next year as part of Contract Renewal will check out at the end of their contract period and will not be guaranteed a space on campus if they decide to apply for housing again at a later time
  • Contract Renewal does not relate to any requests for Summer Housing
    • If you live in White Creek Apartments, you will be contacted later with the option to extend your 9 1/2 month contract to a 12 month contract which would allow you to remain in your apartment over the summer
    • If you live in the Gardens Apartments, you should contact the Gardens Apartments Office with any requests to extend your contract length.

Find out more about the Contract Renewal process on our How-To’s and Procedures page under the Contract Renewal toggle.

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