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November Sustainability Newsletter

Residence Life piloted the Sustainable Aggie (SA) Living Learning Community (LLC) this year. The SA LLC is for residents who wish to learn more about sustainability and what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle.

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October Sustainability Newsletter

This month we focus on the Office’s newly relaunched Aggie Sustainability Alliance (ASA). The ASA is an alliance composed of various faculty and staff at Texas A&M who participate in fostering a culture of sustainability here in Aggieland.

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  • Department of Residence Life September 2019 Sustainability Newsletter Header

September Sustainability Newsletter

September 2019
Volume 2, Issue 12

The 12th Can and
Addressing Food Insecurity

The 12th Can is a committee within the Student Government Association. Since they opened their doors in November 2013, they have strived to help eradicate food insecurity among Texas A&M student, faculty, and staff. They

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August Sustainability Newsletter

August 2019
Volume 2, Issue 11

Make Move-In Sustainable

Move-in is just a few short weeks away. We are excited to welcome new and returning Aggies to campus! As you prepare to move, be sure to read through these recommendations to make your room and move sustainable as possible.

Sustainable Moving

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July Sustainability Newsletter

A simple way for students, faculty, and staff to reduce their carbon footprint and lead a more sustainable, and healthy, lifestyle is to bike or walk rather than driving a personal car.

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