Select Your Room

Room Selection is a period of time where a particular group of students are able to select a room during a timeslot through the myHousing Portal for a room in which they are eligible, based on classification, gender, living learning program, etc.

During the Room Selection period, roommate pairs can also be established. Instructions for this process are available on the Room Self Select Instructions and below.

For the best chance to get the building and room type that you and your paired roommate(s) would like, the individual with the earliest Room Selection time slot in your roommate group should select a room/suite/apartment for your group.

You should choose your room as soon as your Room Selection time slot window opens. If you were not assigned by another student, you should select a room as soon as your Room Selection time slot opens.

As soon as your Room Selection time slot opens:

  1. Login to myHousing Portal
  2. Click “Housing Application/Contract Renewal”
  3. Select the radio button next to the Housing Application term (e.g. 20XX) then click Save and Continue 
  4. From the menu of pages within the Housing Application, select “Rooms” page
  5. Click on “Rooms Search Wizard” if you have not already selected a room or one was chosen for you by your paired roommate(s). If a room has already been selected, click “Room Swap”
  6. Choose the specific hall or apartment building  you would like to live in
  7. Now on the Room/Suite/Apartment selection page, choose an available space by selecting the desired row and clicking Save and Continue
  8. Next, select the desired room by clicking the row and then pressing the Save and Continue 
    • If you click the magnifying glass next to the room number, it will display the students who have already selected the room
  9. Finally, choose your desired bed space within the room. If linked to a roommate, this is where you may choose their bed space within the room as well.
  10. To complete this process, click Reserve Bed then Save and Continue on the final screen

Strategies, If Desired Space is Not Available

If there is not space available for you and your roommate(s) in the building and/or room type you want when it is time to select a room:

First Step

Do 1 or more of the following:

  • Select a space in a different building. Example: if your group of 4 wanted a White Creek Apartment, try a The Gardens apartment instead.
  • Select a different room type. Example: if your group wanted an apartment, but none are available, try selecting a residence hall suite together instead.
  • Drop one or more of your requested roommates and/or break into smaller groups since smaller groups or individuals will have better chances of finding space than larger groups.

Next Step:

  • Look for a better match by checking back on myHousing Portal as often as you would like – THIS IS YOUR BEST CHANCE!
  • Submit a reassignment request over the summer once it is available (typically in May/June) — ONLY DO THIS IF ALL ELSE FAILS