Special Requests & Accommodations

Our process for requesting accommodations is as follows:

  1. The student must have applied and have been already accepted to Texas A&M University.
  2. The student should submit their application for on-campus housing through the Residence Life myHousing Portal at oncampusaggies.tamu.edu
  3. If a student makes an accommodations request directly to the Department of Residence Life based on disability need, they will be referred to the Department of Disability Services for documentation review.
  4. The student should provide documentation of their disability that supports the need for the requested housing accommodation(s) to Disability Services.
  5. The Disability Services Decision, Review and Consultation Committee will review the documentation and then assign an Access Coordinator (AC) to work with the student.
  6. If the documentation supports the requested need, the AC will gather detailed information from the student related to their housing needs and have a liaison forward a Housing Accommodations Request form on behalf of the student to the Department of Residence Life.
  7. If the housing request is not supported by the documentation, the Access Coordinator will contact the student to notify them of the decision or to request additional documentation.
  8. Once the Housing Accommodations Request form is reviewed by the Department of Residence Life, the Housing Assignments staff will notify the student of their placement or may contact the student to discuss their options.

More information can be found related to examples of the types of housing accommodations we have by visiting our Amenities page. Remember, we are here to help during your transition to Aggieland. Please let us know how we may assist you through the housing application process.