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Frequently Asked Questions

When are LLP applications due and when will I be notified?

Living Learning Programs close the common application on March 1st at 11:59p.m. CST. Some of our LLPs may have a supplemental application which may close earlier then this deadline. Check the individual LLP pages for for information. Applicants will be notified of their application status by April 15th.

What are the LLP application questions?

All LLPs require you to answer the following two questions. If you are preferencing more than one community, be sure to answer the questions in a way that makes sense to all the communities you are applying for. Consider writing out your answers before you start your housing application.

  • What do you hope to gain from a Living Learning Program?
  • How do you plan to contribute as an active participant in a Living Learning Program?

Some LLPs will have more questions or an additional steps to complete so check your TAMU email after you submit your Housing Application by paying your application fee and providing your housing deposit.

Want to apply for more than one program?

No problem! When you complete your application for housing within the myHousing Portal you will have the ability to preference and apply for up to three Living Learning Programs.

How does roommate and room selection work for LLPs?

Each Living Learning Program has a different room assignment process. Some LLPs allow applicants to pick their own room, others place you with a roommate based on other criteria. Details of the assignment process will be in your acceptance letter – if selected.

Lastly, please know that if you are selected and accept to participate in the Living Learning Program you will be placed in the hall/building the community is located in. If you later withdraw from the program, your housing assignment may be changed.