student-mailboxesMAIL & SHIPPING SERVICES

Texas A&M University students living on-campus can receive mail via their University Apartments provided mailbox or rent a Post Office Box.

Mail is not delivered to individual on-campus residents rooms or apartments. Residence hall and Corps residents may rent mailboxes from Student Mail Services or the U.S. Post Office. Apartment’s residents have centralized mailboxes available at no additional cost.  

Mail service at the Commons and Hullabaloo Hall is
Under New Management!

Check the Corps of Cadets and Residence Halls toggle below for more specific information.

Mailboxes are provided at the University Apartments as part of your housing charges. Each apartment is assigned one mailbox for the residents to share and each student resident is issued a mailbox combination upon moving into an apartment. The apartment community also has several package mailboxes. If you receive a key in your mailbox, this indicates you have received a large package and must pick it up in the large mailboxes.

Mail delivery is handled by the U.S. Post Office for Gardens Apartments and by Texas A&M University Mail Services for White Creek Apartments.

Gardens Apartments

Mailboxes for the Gardens Apartments Building F thru L are located on the outside of the laundry building. Mailboxes for Gardens Apartments M thru Q are located on the outside of the activity building. The pick-up location for Gardens residents for signature required mail and all USPS packages that do not fit in the parcel boxes is the Northgate U.S. Post Office located at the corner of University Drive and Houston Street. Pick-up hours at this location are from 9:30am to 4:00pm, Monday – Friday.

White Creek Apartments

Mailboxes for White Creek Apartments are located on the outside of Building A. The pick-up location for White Creek residents for signature required mail and all USPS packages that do not fit in the 36 parcel boxes is the Mail Services building located at 330 Agronomy Road.  This pick-up location is open to students from 8:30am to 12:00pm and 1:00 pm – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday.

Any parcels that are not delivered due to size and/or require a signature will be held for a period of 7 days beginning with date listed on the delivery notice and will be returned to sender at the end of that 7 day period if not claimed.

Any undeliverable mail (i.e., no building #, no suite #, no resident listing) once Mail Services exhausts their lookup resources will either be immediately returned to sender or will be recycled in the case of junk mail.

Any mail that is delivered to your box but is not your mail should be placed in outgoing mail slot and Mail Services will redeliver or forward/return through USPS.

Addressing Requirements

Mail should be addressed as follows:


Student’s Name
302 Ball St
Building Name and Apt Number
College Station, TX 77840


Student’s Name
1100 Hensel Drive
Building Name and Apt Number
College Station, TX 77840


Student’s Name
225 Discovery Drive
Building Name and Apt Number
College Station, TX 77845

Mailboxes are not provided for residence hall or Corps of Cadet residents, however students may rent mailboxes, buy postage, ship packages, and more on campus at the Northgate U.S. Post Office located at the corner of University Drive and Houston Street or through Student Mail Services facilities located on northside in Hullabaloo Hall, Room 136 and in the Southside Commons, Room 126.

Box sizes, rental rates, services, and hours of operation vary. Contact the Post Office or Student Mail Services via the contact information below.

Upon renting your mailbox from Northgate U.S. Post Office or Student Mail Services, you will be provided with a mailing address.

Change of Address

All residents need to be sure to file a change of address or forwarding address form with the U.S. Post Office. This can be done at any U.S. Post Office or online at Residents are also encouraged to update their address on their Texas A&M University student record before they move or change residences so mail delivery will not be interrupted.

Contact Information

If you have questions or issues concerning your mail delivery you will need to contact:

Corps & Residence Halls
Student Mail Services
Northgate U.S. Post Office
Gardens ApartmentsWhite Creek Apartments
Northgate U.S. Post Office
Texas A&M University Mail Services