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Academics and Student Success in Residential Life

A study, supported by the Division of Student Affairs College Completion Grant, is being conducted in two phases to better understand the impact residential life has on student success and academics. The population frame is undergraduate and graduate students who live on the Texas A&M University campus in either a residence hall or apartment complex maintained and operated by University officials.

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Long-term Effects of Participation in High Impact Practices

This study is investigating alumni of high impact programs at Texas A&M University. This study includes a Living Learning Program, internship program, undergraduate research, and study abroad programs at Texas A&M University. More specifically, the researchers are after, what are the long term benefits of participation in high impact practices? Could benefits vary based on the type of high impact practice?

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Graduate Hall Director Learning Assessment

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Graduate Hall Directors (GHD) are asked to complete a learning assessment related to the role in May. This assessment, which is composted of 55 quantitative and 13 qualitative questions, was completed by 12 GHDs yielding a response rate of 86%. Overall, GHDs show gains in learning in communication, diversity, and integrative learning.

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Resident Advisor Learning Assessment

During the Spring of 2016, the Resident Advisor Learning Assessment was conducted in April. The assessment, which consisted of 40 quantitative and 19 qualitative questions was completed by 76 RAs, yielding a 47% response rate. RAs showed positive gains in communication and collaborative work in the assessment.

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